Saturday, February 23, 2008

Palm Jebel Ali

The second island in The Palm island trilogy, The Palm, Jebel Ali is located in Dubai Waterfront. It was created with a vision of becoming an unparalleled getaway for residents and visitors alike, with an array of luxury hotels, water homes built on stilts that spell a poem written by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum the ruler of Dubai, beachside villas, shoreline apartments, dive sites and a variety of entertainment and leisure activities. The Palm Jebel Ali offers a stunning shoreline entrance of world class golf courses and luxury desert resort to a graceful bridge connecting the mainland to the island.

The Trunk

Measuring 2.4 kms in length and 450 meters in width, the Trunk of the island will feature a strip of eight luxury hotels, three marinas and sea village at it's very center. The shoreline area of the Trunk will also boast cinemas, an amphitheatre, event plazas and more.

The Crown / Fronds

The 17 Fronds of this Palm shaped island referred to as the crown, where 16 fronds will feature a series of homes in various style, each of which offer stunning views of the spectacular landscape. The fronds comprises Townhouses, Signature Villas and Garden Homes.

The Crescent

At 15.5 kms in lenght, the crescent forms the breakwater on the outer side and is home to several marinas and shoreline apartments on the inner side. Further more, several plots on the crescent have been reserved for private investors and developers to design, shape and mold adding their concepts and ideas to the existing grandeur of The Palm, Jebel Ali.

Water Homes

Located between the crown and the crescent of The Palm, Jebel Ali, the Water Homes are a series of elevated homes linked together by broad walks from a 12 km chain. Positioned strategically they form a verse of Arabic poetry composed by H.H Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashik Al Maktoum, which when read from above reads:

“Take the wisdom of the wise,
It takes a man of vision to write on water,
Not everyone who rides a horse is a jockey
Great men rises to great challenges"

The 1,060 water homes boast luxurious and amenities inside and feature private moorings for personal boats.


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