Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Business Bay

Envisioned to make UAE a global commercial and business centre, the Business Bay is a new city within the city of Dubai and is created as a commercial and business cluster along the new extension of the famous Dubai Creek extending from Ras Al Khor to Sheikh Zayed Road. Developed and managed by Dubai Properties, a member of Dubai Holding, Business Bay is a central business district in Downtown Dubai, featuring numerous skyscrapers located in an area where the Dubai Creek has been extended. The Business Bay comprises of 230 buildings, attracting commercial and residential developments including the Burj Dubai.

Dubai's Business Bay is similar in nature to Manhattan or Ginza, which are the business centers for the cities of New York and Tokyo. The legendary Dubai Creek - an important aspect of Dubai's trading past that have shaped Dubai from a fishing and pearl diving center to international port; has been extended considering its significance as a trade centre that harbors the stance of Dubai as the business hub of the region. Business Bay is a symbol of Dubai's progress as it embodies the crucial role the Creek played in Dubai's past as well its future.

The past few years have seen ambitious initiatives such as Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, Dubai International Financial Center and others. Business Bay is the cornerstone of the new economic push to extend the international role of the UAE. It was undertaken after extensive studies by some of the world's top consultancies, and reflects the ambitious vision of Dubai and the role that the UAE is looking forward to play as a leading international commercial and business centre.

Business Bay is all set to fulfill the growth needs in medium to long term. Besides the growing demand of the local economy -- which is projected to achieve an average growth of 5-9% annually over the next few years -- the UAE is attracting increasing foreign investment. Hundreds of companies ares setting up offices in Dubai every month and an increasing number of regional and international companies are working from the country. All this is creating a huge growth in demand that can not be fulfilled by existing projects. That is why Business Bay has been launched to cater to the needs of business, retail and commercial industry. It also features fascinating canals to add to the magnificence of the project, attracting regional and international business ventures and multinationals.

Life at Business Bay starts at the luxurious residential towers, designed to the highest standards and offering a lifestyle unimagined. From superb architectural style of each apartment to the breathtaking views just outside, life at Business Bay is intended for people that seek luxury in a vibrant community. Business Bay offers a successful lifestyle equipped with every amenity you need to make living a real pleasure. The residences and commercial enterprises at Business Bay features high-tech working spaces, comfortable and luxurious residential units and modern facilities and amenities. The Courtyard at Business is the center of communal activities, providing play areas, arcades and landscaped plazas. The Courtyard combines contemporary architectural themes with exclusive amenities, while the Podium is a unique feature that links the residential towers and provides covered walkways, fountains and pedestrian-friendly paths.

Business Bay is located off Dubai Creek and extends from Ras Al Khor to Sheik Zayed Road. Business Bay is ideally located for international trade as one end of the development touches Sheik Zayed Road with its office towers housing international firms and the financial institutions of the Dubai International Financial Center ( DIFC ). International hotels such as the Emirates Towers and Shangri-La are also on SZR. On the Creek side, Business Bay is neighbored by Dubai Festival Centre ( DFC ), a retail and leisure development, as well as being close to Dubai International Airport.

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